Students who complete studies in statistics will:
  • have a strong grounding in mathematical techniques related to statistics
  • have a strong grounding in statistical theory and methods
  • be able to apply appropriate statistical methods to the collection, management and analysis of data, and communication and interpretation of results
  • be experienced in the use of mathematical and statistical software
Graduates would be well qualified for employment as research assistants, data managers or statistical programmers in many areas of applied research (including economic modelling, medical research, agricultural research, psychological research, meteorology and climatology).

Students continuing to honours will:

  • strengthen their statistical knowledge by studying more advanced and/or specialised statistical techniques
  • increase their practical experience by conducting their own research into a mathematical or applied statistics topic of their own choosing
Honours graduates will be well qualified for employment as trainee statisticians in Government Departments and Agencies (including for example, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Department of Defence), Universities, large private companies (including for example banks, insurance companies, market research companies) or specialist consultancy firms. They will also be prepared to begin PhD studies.