The University of Southern Queensland's Linux Users Group was formed by a group of students with support from the Department of Mathematics and Computing to cater for the needs of the University's student population and has since incorporated support for the Linux community in Toowoomba through the Toowoomba Home Unix Users Group, or THUUG for short.

The group allows people with an interest in open source software, Linux and Unix based Operating systems to meet other like minded people. At the meetings, members are encouraged to meet and talk to other people, share ideas and get help and assistance with Linux. For more information on meeting visit the meetings page.

The USQ LUG/THUUG hopes to assist in providing a forum for Toowoomba based Linux and Unix users to communicate with one and other as well as providing technical support to the community as a whole.

The USQ Linux Users Group is based at the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba.